International Wedding Theme Simple but elegant

Marriage is an agreed upon social pattern in which two people, namely men and women, form a family. In this case the legal aspect of marriage is called a contract, namely an agreement and sublime agreement between husband and wife to form a happy household. For this reason, marriage is one of the most important events in the lives of every human being, so the bride and groom will be hoping for battle on the wedding day.

In realizing it requires special attention and careful planning, so that the prospective bride who will carry out the wedding requires services from experts who specifically handle the event. For this reason, Surabaya Wedding Organizer is here to help the bride and groom by offering a number of Surabaya Wedding Packages in which there are options for the prospective bride and groom. Surabaya Wedding Organizer has a Surabaya Wedding Package which lately is increasingly in demand by brides and grooms.

Later, international theme marriages increasingly became the choice of the bride and groom. Marriage with this theme is certainly a new Westernized style in the millennials. This is because the theme of international marriage is considered simple and practical and looks different from the others. Here is a little review of weddings with international themes, as follows:

1. Has an elegant impression
At international theme marriages, the bride usually uses simple makeup and a white wedding dress but looks elegant.
2. More intimate
Weddings with international themes usually only invite invitations to a maximum of 600 people. Marriage with an international theme is very suitable for prospective brides who want to have a more simple and intimate wedding day. It is undeniable that marriage with an international theme has a high level of intimacy, this is because usually only attended by family, friends and closest relatives.
3. Wedding cake
The most typical of international theme marriages is the wedding cake. Wedding cakes are decorated as beautifully as possible and adapted to the concept that will be cut by both partners.