The Meaning of Wedding Ring

Marriage has an important meaning for human life. Humans can channel the desire to live in pairs and continue the offspring in order to preserve human life. Marriage is done one time in a lifetime, for that there is a lot of preparation that must be done by prospective couples who want to get married, one of which is the wedding ring.

In general, the wedding ring is used as a binding link between the couple, male and female, which is usually worn on the left ring finger as a sign that it has been worn and worn on the right ring finger after marriage. Wearing a wedding ring after marriage is like a symbolic proof that he is married. But behind that, there are other meanings of marriage installments, namely as follows:

  1. The meaning of the bond of love – Basically the ring becomes a symbol of the bond of love. For that the wedding ring is an object that symbolizes the form of deep love between married couples.
  2. A pair of wedding rings become symbols to complement each other
    In life after marriage, of course, it will be very different from life before marriage. Household life will certainly always spin like a wheel, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, sometimes sad and sometimes like. This is defined as a complementary life unit. Accept each other’s shortcomings and complement each other’s perfection. Based on this, husband and wife must complement each other. Just like a wheel, the same ring is round and rotating.
  3. Endless love symbols – The ring has a circle that means a bond of love and loyalty that is eternal, and not limited between the two partners.

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