Traditional Concepts Become The Concept of Surabaya’s Marriage That We Often Encounter


Weddings may be the event we hear most often in our daily lives. With a unique and different concept. Since long, wedding decorations must always be an important point in the event. Although we have a room with a location that is not too wide, but we can still make unique wedding decorations, the theme of marriage can be more interesting. By using a clear and detailed Marriage Preparation process, we will not find it too difficult to determine the wedding decoration.

Along with the development of the times, in the concept of marriage makes the emergence of various kinds of new and ever-growing wedding decorations. Of course, without reducing the sanctity of the wedding, try to make the guests’ attention remain fixed on the bride and groom.

Bringing together the two families of the bride and groom is indeed the main purpose of the wedding. In addition, invited guests must also be a major concern in the preparation of the wedding. Make them be comfortable in enjoying parties, and in chatting with other guests.

One of the most common concepts of marriage is the concept of traditional marriage, namely with maximum lighting, wedding decorations with traditional themes can look very elegant, this theme makes weddings look more sacred, it is understood that usually weddings with traditional themes are full of rituals custom and religion, can be imagined when in Wedding Preparation brides can maximize choosing and exploring wedding decorations and wedding decorations The use of white flowers, plus also with teak decorations that make the atmosphere of the building look more festive.

Marriage preparations for traditional themes will not make the wedding become sacred, it will make the event more solemn.

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